1. Prasulkiran Pallath's Avatar
    I'm using blackberry on Vodafone(India) bis plan......which is unlimited,, but the only problem is internet is only working on my phone,,,when i am connecting to PC using a WiFi hotspot or usb tethering, my carrier is blocking it,,so what are the methods to connect my phone internet plan to PC,,,does software's like simple web proxy will work?

    phone model: Blackberry Curve 9320
    02-20-13 07:36 AM
  2. ArjunMC's Avatar
    You wont be able to connect to internet using the BIS plan. The BIS is activated for only your BB device and it cannot be used to access internet through computer.
    For internet via PC you'll need to have some regular plan activated
    02-20-13 08:02 AM

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