1. Jonathan Downer's Avatar
    Hey all,

    Yeah, I know the title is a little blasphemous, but I'm interested in picking up one of the Apple Bluetooth keyboards in hopes of pairing it with my storm, and enabling me to take notes in class without having to lug my laptop around. I've heard of some issues pairing the Storm with the Freedom 2 board, but I'm curious if anyone has tried it with the Apple-branded board?

    03-25-09 04:32 PM
  2. gilso's Avatar
    I bought the apple BT keyboard today just to try it out. Ended up returning it.

    I did figure out how to pair the two so that the Storm recognizes the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

    1. Turn on the keyboard, it automatically goes into pairing mode.
    2. Go to Set up on your BB Set up bluetooth. Add devices. Search.
    3. It will say found 1, peripheral, then will change to Apple Wireless Keyboard.
    4. Enter 0000 in BB.
    5. Then once your BB says waiting for Apple Wireless Keyboard, press the 0000 on the wireless keyboard then Enter.
    6. The two are now paired. But I could not connect them so that I could type from the keyboard.

    7. Go back to Best Buy and return keyboard.

    Someone has to actually write a driver that can be installed into the storm for this to really work. it would have been a hot set up.

    For now try the Freedom Bluetooth keyboard I'll be getting that next.
    05-04-09 11:58 PM
  3. gilso's Avatar
    oh i have another idea. you might want to try this since ive already returned the apple bt keyboard. Download the freedom universal BT keyboard driver here: Freedom Universal Keyboard² - Install Package - Powered By Kayako SupportSuite

    And then, pair up the Apple keyboard with the Storm, maybe it could act as a "surrogate" driver for the Apple keyboard....just a thought.
    05-05-09 12:07 AM
  4. Paul Bowles's Avatar

    I'm the technical manager for Freedom Input. That won't work I'm afraid (using the drivers with the Apple keyboard). The BlackBerry does not support HID keyboards (you need to use keyboards that have an SPP connection). Also as there is no built in keyboard support you need to have drivers (I'm afraid our drivers are locked to our own hardware to stop other companies from using them).

    There are a few keyboards out there that run on SPP (ours included which is dual profile so uses SPP and HID) but you need to make sure that they provide the drivers as well and that they are still around (iGo/Stowaway is no longer in business and most of the other companies that produce "mobile" bluetooth keyboards don't actually have drivers for them).
    05-12-09 05:20 AM