1. jimmybold10's Avatar

    I am trying to use my blackberry to control my laptops cursor and keyboard (Toshiba satellite L300 running Vista) using MobiMouse but I cannot connect my Blackberry to my laptop. MobiMouse says to connect to the COM port (serial port) but the phone does not recognize the serial port on my laptop. It recognizes the laptop and following services under the laptops device properties:

    Headset Profile AG
    Object Push
    A/V Remote Control Target

    My laptop doesn't have built-in Bluetooth but I have a sweex mini adapter running bluesoleil software. It picks up the phone, gives me the correct phone id number etc. and on the laptop it says that it is paired but I cannot do anything with the phone.

    When I try to connect using the Blackberry it just says connection attempt failed.

    Does anyone know why the phone wont recognize the serial port on the laptop?
    Can anyone help out with this issue in general?

    05-26-10 06:13 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    99% sure for any functionality like that your BT adapter will need to use Microsoft stack. I know Toshiba stack does not work for BT syncing, I can only assume that it works the same for MobiMouse.
    05-26-10 06:25 PM