1. sachyrpo's Avatar

    I am trying to connect my BB 8320 in to my car via plug.

    The music I have on it sound with no problem, but when I try to make a Phone call using the speakers of the car to listen and the microphone of the BB, the call cant be listened on the car speakers.

    If I start the call and then conect the BB to the plug, the call be listened perfectly. The idea is that the BB be always conected to the plug of my car so it works as a parrot.....any idea?? PLEASE HELP!
    09-29-09 02:23 PM
  2. dragonsamus's Avatar
    For the phone call, you'll have to hit the menu button and click 'activate headset' or something like that. I've done this before using my 8900 and car stereo.

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    09-29-09 03:43 PM
  3. smnc's Avatar
    Yeah, basically the BlackBerry can detect whether it's speakers/headphones or a headset/speakerphone plugged in.
    If it detects headphones/speakers, it assumes you're using them to listen to music, and that you'll pick up the phone for calls.

    As dragonsamus said, you'll need to manually switch it over to headset.
    You could also try something like this:
    Headset headphone adapter w/ mic for iPhone 3.5MM 2G/3G - eBay (item 390066174755 end time Oct-05-09 19:55:35 PDT)
    It would allow the your Curve to detect a headset. It should then automatically answer over the speakers, using the mic in the adapter.
    09-29-09 05:25 PM