1. Neewbie555's Avatar
    Yesterday for a brief moment there was a thread in the Bold section where someone was trying to sell Blackberry instruments at a rather appealing price. Fortunately, the moderators deleted the thread.

    I contacted them via Email. They offered the phones from the UK if I were to "Western Union" them the money. They said I can pay half now, and the balance on receipt. They assured me they were a reputable company but did not disclose their names even though I insisted I needed to know who I was talking to.

    Upon asking for a number of details, all I was told was that they are "100% safe". I even offered to have someone go to them and verify the status of the phones and pay them. They insisted that the UK government only allows them to sell off the internet.

    Until, and unless they furnish credible references, we should tag them conmen and beware.

    They work off a hotmail account (martsales02@hotmail.com) and a gmail account (martsales@gmail.com).

    I thought I'd let my fellow crackberries know of the situation.
    07-28-09 07:15 AM
  2. jubu's Avatar
    So ridiculous...I appreciate you letting us all know!

    Another thing people need to be aware of (though this actually pertains more to potential Storm buyers) are people on eBay selling cheap Chinese knockoffs, while advertising it as a "Blackberry Storm," even using the official BB site specs and images. Then at the very bottom, they have a *ONE-LINE* disclaimer stating that "this is a high quality replica," that of course is overlooked by 99% of the bidders.

    Once again, thanks for posting this.
    07-28-09 07:19 AM
  3. Seraph08's Avatar
    Its no big deal the deposed king of Nigeria said the same thing when I went to send him his $3300. I should be getting a nice check for $3 million any day now. Thats not even to mention the fat check I won from the Turkish lottery and I only had to send them $2000 to get my $15 million out of holding.
    07-28-09 07:24 AM
  4. Neewbie555's Avatar
    How true Sera.

    They were kind enough to throw in 2 Nokia N97 and 2 Iphone 3gs if I placed an order for over $2000.00. That would have translated to 10 Bolds at their price.
    07-28-09 07:35 AM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    That ad you saw, is what we call Spam. Often it's a scam, but sometimes they are actually selling stuff. However we do not allow this on CB. We only allow for the sale or trade of phones (buyer beware) in our controlled Market Place Forum.

    Scams abound on the internet and you must ALWAYS be careful, even in our Market Place. If you see a scam, or a spam ad anywhere on the Forum, just use the report button, the triangle with ! on the full site and the !!! on the mobile site. We will promptly remove it.
    07-28-09 07:47 AM
  6. Neewbie555's Avatar
    Thank you pk.
    07-28-09 07:58 AM