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    I have a Blackberry that used to belong to a company and it has an IT policy on it.
    I have tried to follow a few of the threads but to be honest I am a complete newbee and do not really understand all of the terms so have been unable to remove the IT policy.
    The latest is that when i open the desktop manager it say please 'an error occured while processing the policy file. please contact the administrator'
    I am not sure if i have downloaded the wrong desktop manager.
    Please help, I would really appreciate it.
    08-02-09 02:07 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Try using CrackUtil:


    Under the Clearing Settings - Advanced tab, there is a Reset IT Policy to Factory setting.
    08-02-09 02:43 PM
  3. kinky_kate465's Avatar
    hi thanks for help,
    downloaded it and opened it and was told file access denied and was unable to use crackutil completely.
    any other suggestions?
    08-02-09 03:21 PM
  4. lionheart123's Avatar
    It's kind of extreme but what I would suggest is a "Handheld Wipe". What that does is resets the settings on your phone back to factory defaults. Meaning that you're basically getting a like new BlackBerry. The drawback is by doing this you delete your address book, emails, calendars, etc. However if you backup that info to your BlackBerry Desktop Manager and restore after you wipe the handheld you should be fine.

    To do a "Handheld Wipe" this is the path Menu>Options>Security>General Settings, then press your BlackBerry key (the one to the left of your trackball with all the dots) and that will show a menu. In the menu you'll see an option that says "Wipe Handheld" then you just follow the walkthrough and you'll be set. Hope this helps.
    08-02-09 04:30 PM
  5. skwij's Avatar
    But if the OP can't even open DM, s/he can't do a backup!!

    There's always "manual" ie pen and paper, or emailing them to yourself.

    OP, have you tried Loader.exe? If you have your phone OS on the computer, you "should" have Loader in c://Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion

    You can do a backup there, at least, then wipe the phone.
    08-02-09 04:36 PM
  6. kinky_kate465's Avatar
    thanks for your help too, i have done this several times and each time it doesnt wipe it.
    All of the settings i want to change have a small red lock sign next to them.
    I am desperate to remove this from my blackberry so i can start using it properly, as it seems very pointless at the moment!
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
    08-02-09 04:41 PM
  7. kinky_kate465's Avatar
    what is phone os?
    sorry not up with the lingo!
    08-02-09 04:43 PM
  8. skwij's Avatar
    Phone OS is the Operating System that is on your phone. It also has to be installed on your computer.

    To see what OS is on the phone, Options>About
    08-02-09 05:14 PM
  9. kinky_kate465's Avatar
    how would i do that?
    08-02-09 05:22 PM
  10. skwij's Avatar
    On the phone, go to Options > About.

    On the computer, I'm not so sure, as I don't use Windows, except to update OS and backup my phone.

    I believe it's in Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, if you're on XP.

    If it's not there, you will need to download and install it to your computer.

    Here are some links about removing an IT policy:



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    08-02-09 05:37 PM
  11. kinky_kate465's Avatar
    i'm still unable to wipe this IT policy off with these.
    Any other suggestions or am i doing something wrong?
    08-04-09 07:42 AM
  12. mookish's Avatar
    Since you're trying everything, try this utility;

    RIMGeeks.com • View topic - [Beta][8/3/09] BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife v1.3

    Blackberry Swiss Army Knife

    .NET Framework 2.0
    Blackberry Desktop Manager or Drivers

    New to v1.3
    • New way to detect device implemented MUCH MORE efficient and accurate
    • Radio is now temporarily disabled while backing up devices (turns back on when backup completed)
    • Backup now creates .alx file (allows you to install from loader.exe/desktop manager) and wont give you trouble when using desktop manager
    • Restore 3rd Party apps removed - with alx install in 1 step with loader.exe
    • Ability to Read all Apps on the Blackberry (3rd party and stock)
    • Ability to Save individual COD files (C:\Program Files\BBSAK\CODs\(App name)\cod file)
    • Ability to Remove individual COD files (THEY WILL BE LOST FOR GOOD!)
    • Ability to Load individual COD files (some require phone restarting others do not depends if app is running in background)
    • Donate button! please donate if you appreciate our hard work!

    Main Features
    • Wipe Blackberry leaving a 507 error
    Reset Blackberry to factory state removing any IT Policy
    • Take Screenshots of your Blackberry (Screenshots stored in My Pictures\BBScreenies now)
    • Auto-Detects if phone is plugged in first.
    • Displays PIN so you know your connected.
    • Will not let you do any actions until phone detected.
    • Load OS will auto delete Vendor.xml and start Loader.exe. (BBDM is needed for this)
    • Backup 3rd Party Apps*
    • Restore 3rd Party Apps**
    *Save to Program Files\BBSAK\Backup (only 1 backup at a time) Will prompt to make rename if backup already exits (click ok to see folder for name change)
    **Restore within Loader.exe
    08-04-09 08:45 AM