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    I went to create my account on the AT&T BIS site and was dismayed to discover my PIN was already associated to an account.

    I'm running an unlocked 8320 (originally T-Mobile), and when I put my AT&T SIM into the phone I had to call AT&T and I know they resent my service books. Twice, actually.

    So... is it more likely that AT&T manages the BIS information for their customers? Or is it more likely that the PIN is left in the system from my phone's time on T-Mobile (which doesn't seem likely to me, as it was a BES phone running through my company's BES server and didn't use BIS...)
    05-29-09 07:02 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    if u bought it used, contact the seller to see if they can call tmobile to release the PIN. if it was yours, you call tmobile and so the same.
    05-29-09 08:09 PM
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    If u set up ur mail on the device u need to go back to the email setting and create a username and password. Use the new username to log into the bis site.

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    05-29-09 09:09 PM
  4. iamtim's Avatar
    It wasn't T-Mobile; I called them and they cleared out all of our BlackBerry PINs a long time ago. But they did put me in contact with BlackBerry Technical Support, who said that the PIN was associated with my BIS account and AT&T. So he manually created a UID and PWD for the BIS site for me, and everything is fine now.

    Odd, but whatever works. Evidently, it sounds like there are problems when unlocked BBs go from T-Mobile to AT&T and vice-versa... at least according to the T-Mobile rep. (And, FWIW, the AT&T rep when I called after I unlocked it and put in my AT&T SIM.)

    Thanks for the replies!
    05-29-09 09:25 PM