1. notatechie's Avatar
    I'll be brief:
    1) I like Macs over PC's/Dells/Microsoft and have an iMac at home. I have Mobile Me, which syncs my contacts/address books adds/calendar between my iPod Touch (this isn't so useful, because I still use my dumb Palm Centro for phone and frequently rely on the calendar; have to reenter it on the Touch? which isn't even a phone?), and I use iWeb to update/publish my website via Mobile Me. I like the way the Mac "environment" (relatively) seemlessly connects.

    2) I give up with my dumb Palm Centro.

    3) I am pretty much stuck with Verizon; ATT is lousy in the Hudson Valley and my contract runs until 6/10.

    4) I'm eligible for an upgrade discount if I buy the Tour.

    5) People have advised that using Google Calendar is better than the iCal stuff and seamlessly syncs with Blackberries. Is this true?

    6) iPhones are an extremely attractive option, once they come out on Verizon. Next year or never, one or the other. Tired of waiting, but love the idea of integration with MobileMe, my website, my iPod Touch, etc...

    7) Wouldn't getting the Tour be silly, as I'd lose the Mobile Me integration with home backup, have to find a different web-host, set up a whole different Blackberry-parallel backup system, etc...?

    8) I've thought of writing Verizon to declare that in 7/10 I'll have an iPhone, the only question being whether it'll be a Verizon one or an ATT one. Perhaps ATT will be upgraded with the service coverage by then?

    What would you do? What DO you do? Anyone else on Macs, with Mobile Me? And a Blackberry? I am NOT a techie, and I AM looking for simplicity!
    06-19-09 09:39 AM
  2. raji.t's Avatar
    I'm not sure your questions is exactly clear, but here it goes.

    This is where Microsoft, although not as "fun" or "entertainment-oriented" as Macs (I'd like to just say I've used macs at school, i'm in no way against them!), they get this right. Syncing, and familiarity with a wide range of devices, and a ton of programs and hacks get something working, no matter what it is. My recommendation would be to run Boot Camp and install Windows XP and use that to sync and moderate content between your phones and your computer.
    06-19-09 03:02 PM