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    Running 9930
    I bought and used the bb app `wifi-file-share' from ECSworks

    During that time my phone bricked as others have described here.
    Verizon replaced it, as it was still under warrentee.

    Now when I try to start wifi-file share. It tells my license is invalid.
    I guess because the phone now has a different ID (PIN).

    I tried deleting and then reinstalling, (several times) but instead of giving me a chance to at least repurchase, it just tells me it is re-installed. But when I try it I get the error reported above.

    So there is no chance to get past the invalid license or even to buy a new license.

    I've checked escWorks web page, which refers you to an support email address, which has not answered several messages sent to them over several weeks.

    I wondered if there is some way to totally uninstall this app to the point where blackberry apps does not see it as something to just reinstall, but as something new that is not and never has been installed, and therefore to bring up the dialog to purchase a license.

    Doing the normal thing of `options/Device/Application mangagement/ Then `delete' followed by reboot does not accomplish that goal

    Is there some better or more complete way to remove this app so that I can at least repurchase it?
    04-22-12 08:31 PM