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    I have been a BB business user (Curve) for many years and I swar by my phone as it is one of the best. Last year I bought BB playbook and the device is great as compare to other tablets in technology, multitasking, camera etc (I have IPad). After 3 months of usage BB playbook developed USB issue and then I came across among the worst customer service.

    here are some issues
    1. Blackberry does not have their OWN service center in Bangalore
    2. They have a business associate - redington India - Worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you are not there early morning then you need to wait for 3 hrs to give your devide
    3. getting them by phone is next to impossible
    4. The service center does not recognize BB Incident numbers as they do not have access to BB systems. So discussion which I had with BB is just a waste
    5. BB customer care told me USB replacement is free but I have been charged Rs 3000/- by service center as this is the way it is
    6. By BB has been with service center for the last 2 months for repair. I have asked them escalation BB email but that is not being shared
    7. I tried checking escalation BB email on net ..called BB canada to get one..but it seems it does not exist. My compaint about service in Bangalore has been just ignored
    8. BB service issue in Bangalore is widespread - I asked a electronic store salesman on whether to buy PB or IPad..he asked me whether I know anything about BB service in Bangalore
    9. Surprise - what is your BB LCD is broken? Buy a new PB as that is cheaper then replacing LCD (This was told to me by service center SARCASTICALLY)

    I am now advising every one not to buy a personal BB as the service is really bad in Bangalore. Also I am very surprised as BB is pitching very hard in promoting BB as personal phones in India but they did not bother to check the basics like maintenance/service.

    10-01-12 12:20 AM