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    Check this out on Android Central - a user asked which is best, Android or iOS. And they got clear, simple, non-technical answers that didn't slag iOS! No comments about iToys or Sheeple, etc. I just happened across this and thought I should share. There are some pretty immature and rude people here on Crackberry. Pretty interesting that the device for "professional users" attracts a more immature crowd.

    Which is best Android or iOS? - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    - R.
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    11-28-13 01:25 PM
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    That's a pretty broad statement to make about 80 million people. I don't care what phone people use. Mine is the best for me.

    It's interesting that you just made a sweeping generalization criticizing sweeping generalization. There's a term in psychology for that - when a person accuses others of what they, themselves, are guilty of. I forgot what it is.
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    11-28-13 01:29 PM
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    Would have been interesting if the question included BlackBerry.
    11-28-13 01:35 PM

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