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    SO.. I'll explain the setup first. I use my Blackberry Curve for internet on my desktop through tethering. I tether using bluetooth so I can have my phone with me in another room of the house while still having internet on the desktop. As of now if I recieve or send a text message or phone call it disrupts the internet to my computer. Is there any way to communicate without that brief pause? I actually play games online (with other people) (xbox live gamertag is anarde) and that slight disruption can do ALOT when your trying to win a game of Halo. My BB is EVERYTHING. It's my only source of internet and only source of communication.

    I've tried using the AIM app on the phone but it doesnt work while "modem mode" is enabled. I thought maybe a desktop manager program but the one I've found uses internet and thus, doesn't work. Maybe if I found one that uses bluetooth?

    One more thing, crackberry.com is amazing! Honestly I know I put alot of pressure to my phone, and many times come here for a little help in making things run smoother and it usually works. I hope this is one of those times.
    10-07-09 11:12 PM
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    No apps to change this the phone doesn't have two seperate radios (Phone/Data and Wi-Fi) which would be the only way to accomplish this task with out getting disconnected. Anyway happy tethering!!

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    10-07-09 11:58 PM
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    Cdma phone not possible. Gsm phones use different band widths to accomplish simultaneous voice and data.

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    10-08-09 12:07 AM
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    So no way to use bluetooth to do this either? I would think with proper programming you should be able to have the phone's AIM link with the desktop's AIM through bluetooth..
    10-08-09 12:14 AM
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    I have never heard of a cdma device capable of simultaneous voice and data. I'm pretty sure that's one of the att fanboi bragging points.

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    10-08-09 12:42 AM
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    Yeah, you can do it if you have WiFi active at the same time, but since your Berry IS your internet, I'm guessing that's not an option.

    It's a limitation inherent in CDMA and 2G GSM devices. 3G GSM devices have two separate radios (2G and 3G), so while you surf on 3G, you can talk, text, whatever over 2G.
    10-08-09 03:55 AM
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    sorry for the double posting of this thread by the way. It didnt load up the first time so I re-did it and it mustve went through both times.
    thats one bad part of tethering on CDMA then I guess.
    10-08-09 11:10 PM
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    No problem
    Sorry we can't help more.
    10-08-09 11:43 PM