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    I asked a very knowledgeable friend of mine to give his first impression of the Motorola CLIQ which he had early access to. I knew whetever he told me could be taken as an honest an informed opinion (we think alike) and this is what he came up with after playing with it for a few days:

    I would give this phone a big thumbs down for business use. The battery life is awful before the updates and I'm still not sure if its better now that I loaded the new software on here (just did it a few hours ago. I'll keep you posted). Your calandar on outlook syncs but you can't add change or accept meeting invites which is awful for me personally because I used it all of the time on the blackberry. 3g and the browser are nice, but not for how bad the battery life is. We are talking 7 hours from the moment I take the charger off with minimal web browsing and almost no calling. Unacceptable. And no uma calling.

    The keyboard feels awful as well. Very hard to use with very little tactile response.
    Camera is amazing and the touchscreen is cutting edge.

    All in all much better than the g1, but not nearly the solidarity you get on a blackberry OS.

    So I say hold off.

    Take it for what it's worth but I'm inclined to take his advice.
    10-20-09 07:25 AM