1. BoldDiddy's Avatar
    I had a Boost Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8330. That guy was a workhorse for my job - I probably used it for 3000-4000 minutes a month, a zillion emails, etc. But over time, I started to get jealous of others with newer devices. And I noticed at times that the 8330 struggled with the 5.0 software. So I started switching around. I settled on the Bold, which is freaking awesome.

    But there's something that keeps my eye on that unbelievable price I paid for unlimited service - $60. I pay $120 now with VZW, and would pay $115 for AT&T, $110 for Sprint, and $99 for T-Mobile for unlimited (including to landlines). That is a difference of $720 a year (no contract) vs $1440 a year (with contract).

    I switched to the 8530 on Boost. I hate it. It's cheap, it's plasticky...the keyboard is so smushed together. It's nothing like the 8330...or even the 9330. I went back to my Bold.

    I really just can't wait for BlackBerry/Sprint to come out with a Boost Mobile 9330. Until that day...I will keep paying big bucks for my Bold.

    Just wanted to post that somewhere! Can't wait for the day...
    02-14-11 11:27 AM
  2. frreshh's Avatar
    you think the keyboard is smushed on the 8530? I have the 8520 which is pretty much the same phone and the keyboard is the same as the 8330 and i had the 8320 before this. I think the bold series keyboards are more smushed then the 85XX series. I do think the boost 63$ blackberry plan is cheap HOWEVER the draw back is the service and loss of service in areas. I need to make sure I have a phone that will have service always or most of the time. Also I pay 75$ on tmo for unlimited everything
    02-14-11 12:51 PM
  3. Thuoudo's Avatar
    New BMBB...soon.

    What it will be, no one knows. I'd bet on the 9330 with OS6, however, judging by Boost's past BBs and their OS choices on said devices
    02-14-11 01:33 PM