Hey guys! This is the thread for anybody who has used COLORWAREPC.COM to customize their Blackberry. I am about to customize my curve through the site. Wanted to see what yours looks like and if you were satisfied with the service. Please post pics of your customized phones!
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    Most of them I have seen look real nice (not worth $150 pricetag) and I don't like the fact that they insist on putting their name all over it. You should check out the thread on BeckyMae"s cases that she does. 1/3 the price and look just as nice if not better, and no branding on them. (I don't like being forced to advertise for someone)
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    Plus you don't have to be without your BB with becky mae, she sends you a housing so you don't have to send in the whole thing... Her work is excellent, check the 83xx forum for a housing pics thread

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