1. BaconMunch's Avatar
    Simon Sage ‏@SimonSage
    Prepping for big @MobileNations team dinner tonight! #CES

    Simon Sage ‏@SimonSage
    Full house here! #CES (@ First Food & Bar w/ 9 others) http://4sq.com/13hxTgk

    Alec Saunders ‏@asaunders
    Thorsten here to meet BlackBerry fans (@ First Food & Bar w/ 10 others) http://4sq.com/Zp1YXq
    01-09-13 01:42 AM
  2. BaconMunch's Avatar
    #winning #hair Coincidence? MobileNations team hanging out at same location as Thorsten drop in?-bajfjezccaau_zu.jpg
    01-09-13 01:44 AM
  3. alan510's Avatar
    RIM definitely had something going on today at CES. According to one personality (with more than 2 million followers on Twitter) there was a private showing of BB10 today. Who knows who else was there but I bet they were all 'influencers' of one form or another. Perhaps the Mobile Nations crew knows more but as they say "the plan's afoot". It's getting down to crunch time and the big marketing blitz must be about to start.
    01-09-13 02:12 AM
  4. SK122387's Avatar
    That's so cool that the CEO comes down to hangout with fans. He must have a lot on his schedule and on his mind, so for him to stop by and talk to people.. that's really nice. I'm ready to see him on stage on January 30th, I'm excited like it's some kind of concert or something, and I'm only watching from my computer! haha
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    01-09-13 02:42 AM
  5. anon(757282)'s Avatar
    I heard he was asking for Ashley.... 8-p
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    01-09-13 02:56 AM
  6. whitbags's Avatar
    Thor really is farquin tall - make Kevin look like a midget !!!
    01-09-13 04:56 AM
  7. whitbags's Avatar
    Coincidence? MobileNations team hanging out at same location as Thorsten drop in?-bajf7wdceaabn4k.jpg

    Big men and a ickle chap in the middle ...
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    01-09-13 05:02 AM
  8. whitbags's Avatar
    That image was from MN twitter feed.
    01-09-13 05:04 AM
  9. cjcampbell's Avatar
    C'mon Thor.... Down a few more of those beers and spill some BB10 dirt for the Crackberry team.
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    01-09-13 07:00 AM
  10. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    Thor: "You should really cut that hair..."
    Kevin: "But I like it..."
    Thor: "It doesn't matter what you like... Does your wife like it?"
    01-09-13 07:06 AM
  11. simu31's Avatar
    Big men and a ickle chap in the middle ...
    I think it was mentionned somewhere that Thor is about 6'4 - 6'5 which would make Simon about 6'5 - 6'6.
    Although Kevin looks short in these pictures, I think most people would with those two either side of you

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    01-09-13 07:11 AM
  12. qbnkelt's Avatar
    OK, Thor has a VERY genuine smile......I like that....seems VERY NICE.

    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kevin's shagginess.....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!
    01-09-13 07:27 AM
  13. jesse_h's Avatar
    I heard he was asking for Ashley.... 8-p
    I keep reading this name mentioned, who's Ashley?
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    01-09-13 10:31 AM
  14. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Saw those pictures on Twitter last night...I really like how Thor engages with the community. Looks like just some guys hanging out having a drink, not a CEO and a group of bloggers.

    I keep reading this name mentioned, who's Ashley?
    Ashley Esqueda from the Mobile Nations Monday Briefs. She's a tech loving hottie
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    01-09-13 10:37 AM
  15. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Either Thor and Simon are Giants or Kevin is a Mi...erm....little person. Wow!

    Sent from my BlackBerry by Choice using Tapatalk
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    01-09-13 10:44 AM
  16. simu31's Avatar
    01-09-13 10:46 AM

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