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    Hello all, just received my amazing 9900, and as usual, lots of clutter to get rid of on the phone.

    The first thing I did was backed up the device. that went fine.
    I then tried to use Black Berry Desktop software to remove unwanted programs from the phone, however not a single application showed up in the list, although it shows that I have 180MB remaining.

    I then tried to use BB Boss 2.2, but then that left an error. I quickly restored my phone to its original state via the backup I made.

    I then thought that it might be a vender file issue (pulling at straws now)., but I have no vendor.xml file in my app loader directory. (Might that be the issue ?)

    Anyways, I've tried rebooting both laptop and phone, and still cant get my apps to load in the Desktop Software, and I think Im going to leave the BB Boss alone.

    Can anyone lend a helping hand ?
    01-19-12 07:41 PM
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    A lot of carriers will load "icons" that are basically web links. You can't delete them, but you can hide em.

    As for real apps, go to options, device, application management and deleted what you don't want.


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    01-19-12 08:07 PM
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    Thanks for the help guys!

    I just realiased that for Desktop Software to show installed programs on your device, the software running on the phone needs to be setup on the computer running the BB Desktop Software... found alot more information here:

    01-20-12 08:44 AM
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    And remember to enjoy your new Blackberry Bold 9900
    01-20-12 10:40 AM