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    Alright, i am a first time cellphone owner (those exist?!) and i recently took advantage of a great deal at Mobilicity (I'm in B.C, canada) for a super cheap everything but data plan for 22 bucks. They also have a bunch of deals on phones, i didn't know what phone to get so i went with the Nokia e73. I want to throw it across the wall at times. Bad choice, but i still have a week to return it and find another phone. After scouring the vast corners of the internet, i am overwhelmed with the amount of cell phone choices. So i went with the blackberry brand, as i like that full keyboard and the looks.
    But which one?!!!
    So my crackberry comrades, who out there will help me with my conquest?

    I of course have some criteria i've found out that i want/need.
    Of course it needs a full keyboard, button size isn't too much of a problem as my fingers are very small.
    Also, as i've found, mobilicity sucks sucks sucks with coverage. I live in a basement so that's extra problems. So anything that has the extra bonus of 4g/connects via wifi is a really good thing.
    I don't expect i'll go on the internet too much minus the occasional checking of hotmail or facebook or yelp, but those seem to be available in app form, so no problem there.
    Gps/maps that actually work/won't lag would be a very handy thing to have.
    Simple music player.
    Camera that is average quality is also preferred but can be sacrificed.
    And anything that has good texting interface and ease of use, as that is what i'd mainly be doing.
    The rest is not wanted/needed. I won't be viewing my office documents, i don't be having 20 web pages open while i listen to music and text at the same time.
    I just want a phone that doesn't keep freezing up and gives me the best services i can get.

    Ohh... right, and that price thing of course.. Wouldn't i love to get the Blackberry bold 9900.. Pfft. Of course i plan to get mine used, so price is harder to find, but i don't plan to spend more then 150 maximum for a used one.

    As much as the nokia annoys me, when it works it's actually the perfect little phone for me, everything is easy to navigate, user friendly, has all the bells and whistles, etc. But locking and freezing is a fatal flaw to me.
    12-02-11 02:25 AM
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    Until you stated 4g I was thinking the Bold 9700. Wanting 4g let me suggest the Torch 9810. You have both worlds w/ touch screen and full keyboard. Welcome to the world of smart phones. Good luck.
    12-02-11 03:05 AM