1. morningglow's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    After hearing all of my friends gush back home about the wonderful Blackberry and how it does everything (except wash your clothes), I bought a BB 8800 in Shanghai. So far even without the internet, I love my phone.

    Setting up internet has been a hassle. I went to this website ( blackberryservice [.] cn ) with my Chinese tutor and we phoned them. Apparently all I had to do was text 10086 and ask them to set up GPRS for my phone number, which won't apparently activate until the beginning next month. I picked the 5元 plan as they instructed. Then I'm supposed to contact them again, get Gmail on my phone and bam things will magically be happy, from what I can understand/make out.

    Apparently, after all this is over, I will then for 5 RMB a month be able to access Gmail/email and MSN, however I'm really wondering how to completely unlock my BB and be able to do things like everyone else (BlackBerry Messenger, for example). I really hope I'm doing this right. I'm terrible with technology.

    Has anyone been able to successfully use and unlock their BB and use ALL the functions of it without having to be affiliated with some kind of business like China Mobile said when we called them? How did you go up even setting up your BB in China?

    Sorry if these are repeated questions. I'm really honestly bad with technology.
    10-17-09 05:03 AM
  2. berrymods's Avatar
    For what it's worth.... I was in Hong Kong last year and was using a 8300 via T-Mobile service roaming on China Mobile. Everything worked without issue on my 8300. Don't know if this helps or not?
    10-17-09 09:56 AM
  3. icey81's Avatar
    Don't want to double post, so see my post on this thread forums.crackberry.com/f75/china-mobile-data-plan-help-258691/ or PM me.
    10-23-09 10:27 AM