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    If a new CEO, hired to save the company from bankruptcy, wants to close down a product line or a division, he or she doesn't have to go through an elaborate dance. He could have simply shut down hardware on his first day.

    John Chen drastically scaled down a hardware business that was bleeding money the company couldn't afford. He hoped that somehow he would find a strong pocket of demand large enough to maintain that scaled down division, but that didn't happen. End of story.

    Everyone associated with BlackBerry would have been better off if the company could have sold 10m devices a year with limited marketing, because that would have demonstrated enough demand to invest in. But the actual demand for Blackberrry devices was just too small.

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    03-01-16 10:52 PM
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    Priv was a wrong choice of launch coz for the price it demands in markets where android is numero uno it's a utter failure because nobody wants to buy priv paying so much...

    Logically, it made more sense for blackberry to come out with Vienna at a mid range pricing and yes it would have bought numbers to BlackBerry. Looks like chen deliberately wanted priv in the market so that he finds a reason to kill BlackBerry hndset div slowly blaming poor performance and keeping up faith with investors. It was chen cunning strategy!!

    Now he's keeping mum on what's app insult towards bb10 and also when whole world and media is saying bb10 is dead!!

    So this is it!!

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    03-01-16 11:37 PM
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    Some people around here has lost all sense of reality as it relates to Chen and the hardware division. Chen is not emotional when it comes hardware or the os, but it seems there are people around who are. Since coming on as ceo Chen has seen the release of the following devices: passport, classic, z3, leap, and priv. The leap/z3 was Blackberry attempt to work at the lower end of the market and it failed, but it did give Chen enough data to conclude that the lower end of the market place is not for Blackberry. Ironically enough there was plenty of folks on Crackberry that stated that the low price market place was not the way to go and that the previous year blackberry full touchscreen device can function as targeting the lower end market once an updated device, of that form factor, is release.

    Chen could have done a better job in many different aspects, but at least blackberry is still around and has a fighting chance rather begging for someone to buy them.

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    03-02-16 01:01 AM
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    Everyone wants them to smash it out of the park, but Chen is taking the money ball approach.
    Small incremental improvement, mathematically better by just a bit. Carrier support has ticked up, Android will improve the demand part of the equation, again just slightly. They only need a marginal improvement on all aspects of the hardware side to call it a success.

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    I think abwan11 has it exactly right. John Chen is no fool.

    His goal has always been to return BlackBerry to exceptional profitability. Everything is calculated. If you've been paying attention you'll have noticed that he's has not over-promised on much.

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    03-02-16 03:15 PM
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