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    Dropped in today at a local AT&T store just to see what the Passport and Classic look and feel like in real life. A pleasant associate directed me to the display and invited me to try them, mentioning that they were live-connected. What a difference being able to try how a phone feels in your hand. I liked both phones and was surprised they were lighter and easier to hold than I expected. They had no word on an update being released.
    02-21-15 03:52 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Refreshing tale of fair retail staff. Thanks for sharing your experience and impressions of the devices.
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    02-21-15 04:04 PM
  3. dannycabrera's Avatar
    I want to go see them to. I been dying to use the passport! But way to much snow I can't leave the house.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-15 04:15 PM
  4. Elite1's Avatar
    I want to go see them to. I been dying to use the passport! But way to much snow I can't leave the house.
    When you're ready and able to go, I'd call ahead to some stores to see who has a live demo. They might not all have live ones for you to play with.
    02-21-15 05:09 PM
  5. Monsterlad's Avatar
    It's kinda surprising actually, not many stories this time around of ridiculously awful retail experiences. There have been stock issues, but to my knowledge, not many accounts of retail staff pooping all over BlackBerry and trying to get them to get an iphoner or droidl

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-15 05:18 PM
  6. dbq10's Avatar
    Retailers are just really happy to see anyone who navigates around giant mounds of snow to get to them.
    02-21-15 05:53 PM

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