1. cgunner's Avatar
    Hi there; been reading the forums for a couple of weeks, after getting my Pearl.

    I have one question, however. I have enabled WiFi, and connected to my home network, and accessed the Internet, bit I am still not sure whether I am accessing it through WiFi, or GPRS. I seem to only be able to use either the BB Browser or Opera when I have allowed my BB access to the mobile data network (via Mobile Network Options -> Data Services -> On), something I don't want to do as I'm not sure if it's eating up my data allowance! I've checked my router's log, but my BB IP only comes up here and there, even with nothing else connected to the network.

    Using BB Browser, the icon shows comms over the WiFi symbol, but I'm not sure I trust it, especially since I have to allow mobile network data access.

    Any help?
    10-28-08 12:47 PM
  2. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    Go to Options / Data Services and make sure Wi-Fi Preferred is selected under Connection Preference. Selection Mode should be set to Automatic.
    10-28-08 12:53 PM
  3. cgunner's Avatar
    Thanks BBB;

    Is this not meant for UMA and calls over WiFi? Or is it generally, for all connections?
    10-28-08 01:49 PM
  4. prley's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure it's all connections since that is how I'm using it and I don't have a data plan. I would get the sign up page for a data service before I changed this setting.
    11-05-08 11:20 AM
  5. nitroblu's Avatar
    Thanks BBB;

    Is this not meant for UMA and calls over WiFi? Or is it generally, for all connections?
    I've been told by several people that the "connection" option only pertains only to calls?...I certainly hope what i've been told is the case...otherwise i could be facing a big data overage bill next month

    I think turning "data service" on is the only way to make the wifi work. I'm with Rogers, and don't have a data plan so I asked them to block all internet data on my account. I also cleared all the TCP info on my phone (APN, username, password). I set up my wifi with my home router, but couldn't connect to it when data service was off. then i turned it on and it started working.

    but I woudl also like to know if it's possible to check my usage? That's one thing I miss from my SE phone, I can't seem to be able to check my talk time, message counter, or data usage (and i couldn't find out how to do this in the noob 101 lessons)
    11-16-08 11:07 PM
  6. joe003's Avatar
    For different carriers, checking your minutes used is different for each phone. On TMO you dial #646#, on Sprint you dial *4, I'd call your carrier CS and find out what you dial on your phone for minutes used.

    I hope this helps.
    11-17-08 05:10 AM
  7. DarylLafferty's Avatar
    Whenever I am connected through WiFi, "UMA" appears in the upper right corner of the screen, instead of "EDGE".
    11-18-08 12:05 PM
  8. 1stberry's Avatar
    hello, which options in wich menu do you mean?
    12-03-08 03:59 AM
  9. 1stberry's Avatar
    thank you michel l.

    i did this. but... i expierienced that, if i'm not connected to an wifi hotspot, and i open the browser, select a website to connect - it connects via gprs (javelin) without question/warning that i'm going over gprs and not over wifi. is that normal?
    12-03-08 04:18 AM