1. dfb8085's Avatar
    what is the cheapest used OS7 device on the market right now that can be used on the att network?

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    06-16-12 03:53 AM
  2. boldkeyboardholic's Avatar
    it's not the 9900 or 9930 and definitely not the 9981

    06-16-12 04:20 AM
  3. o4liberty's Avatar
    Look on Craigslist or Ebay for a used one. Also the marketplace here on CB Is a good place for used devices.

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    06-16-12 06:13 AM
  4. jakie55's Avatar
    the cheapest OS7 devices are 9360 (216) 9810 (260) 9900 (340) 9790 (360) average of last 20 completed Canadian sales done last week used devices

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    06-16-12 05:23 PM
  5. antheauxny's Avatar
    I'd say one of the OS7 Curves or even the all touch Torchs.
    I always seem them on Craigslist for $125-$175. The Bolds I usually see on there range from $200-$275.
    Although I did see one for $125 but the back was all scratched.

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    06-16-12 06:12 PM
  6. robsteve's Avatar
    The 9810 seem to be the best bang for the buck when bought used. The curves are only slightly cheaper, but not in the same league as the 9810.

    I just bought a used 9860 and it is pretty snappy, maybe even quicker than the 9810 for scrolling web pages or just navigating the OS screens. The lack of a keyboard could be a problem if you do a lot of long emails on it. My son is using it mainly for BBM, texting, Facebook and etc. He seems to be happy with it.
    06-16-12 06:22 PM
  7. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    The cheapest OS7 Blackberry devices are:
    Blackberry Curve 9360
    Blackberry Curve 9220
    Blackberry Curve 9320

    Basically, you can also find cheaper pricing for other OS7 used Blackberry phones and then you can unlock your Blackberry and use it with a SIM card from AT&T
    06-16-12 10:43 PM
  8. guerllamo7's Avatar
    The lowest OS7 on ATT is the Curve 9360.

    I was very impressed with it. I just get the flagship BlackBerry but a friend of mine wanted to get into smartphones so we went and looked. She liked the size, look and feel of the Curve.
    What surprised me was that, after helping her set it up, I loved it too. Not quite enough to give up my Bold to be sure but I was very impressed.
    Not only was it super fast and it had FM Radio capability (no data charge - which is another reason ATT is dragging their feet on 7.1 IMO) but in a time when everyone is going bigger and bigger on phones, to the point you can't even put them in your pocket anymore, this little guy is going for smaller, slimmer and just awesome.

    There is no touch screen but other than that it is all OS7. NFC, fast browser, just awesome. Yeah, and for 29.99 it is just a deal.
    06-16-12 11:07 PM