1. WrightWords's Avatar
    How can someone in the US who has an unlocked Bold 9000 stay in touch with friends both in US and outside US (Canada at least, EU/UK too if poss). Looking for cheapest way to do that.

    Before you ask, There is no wifi available cos that would have been ideal on the wifi-enabled browser but it's out of the question.

    Here are the specs of what is sought:
    • Unlimited IM or text from US to Canada & US. BBM or PIN would be best!
    • Don't need email necessarily
    • Don't need BIS necessarily
    • Don't need phone service.
    • Don't need phone has an unlocked Bold 9000
    • No contract; pay-as-you-go sort of thing.
    • Want to keep it to less than $20-$30 / month in total (including any per-text fees etc.)
    • Will entertain workarounds.

    Really, just any cheap easy way to message somehow - even if just to my Bold and I can forward the info along...
    01-04-11 01:28 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    •Don't need BIS necessarily
    BlackBerry Internet Service is what you need to support BlackBerry Messenger or any of the IM apps like Yahoo or WinLive.

    •Don't need phone service.
    There is the conflict, a BIS account is associated with a phone number.

    01-04-11 01:49 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    T-Mobile offers a data-only plan for BlackBerry. Unsupported Browser
    01-04-11 01:51 PM