1. kdy597's Avatar
    I'm trying to get my telenav audio to come thru my jawbone headset. Will this program work? Has anyone tried this prog?
    07-18-08 11:50 PM
  2. mfortner's Avatar
    You don't need any 3rd party software for this, while you are in telenav make sure your Jawbone is paired and connected with your BB, then simply press the speaker phone / currency key and it will broadcast via bt. I just used this function today and I use the Jawbone II so I know it definitely works, let me know how it works for you or if you have any difficulties.

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    07-19-08 02:36 AM
  3. kdy597's Avatar
    I tried it a few times and it won't come over the jawbone ( telenav). My phone calls and voice dialing come over the jawbone. Is there a specific setting in tele nav in need to set?
    I have " full audio" set in preferences. I think the curve may work and the pearl doesn't which is unfortunate.
    07-20-08 10:51 AM