1. omg_its_kerri's Avatar
    Is it possible to change my "@att.blackberry.net" e-mail address? When getting my BB, the sales rep hadn't mentioned anythign about this e-mail, so when I gave him a username, I just assumed it was for a regular login function. I'd like to keep my e-mail as similar to my others as possible (to prevent confusion, etc).

    Is there a way I can change it?
    12-11-07 03:23 PM
  2. Bedrock's Avatar
    No it's not possible. Sorry.
    12-11-07 03:46 PM
  3. DearFloyd's Avatar
    You cant log into BIS and deltele it then make a new one?
    12-11-07 03:51 PM
  4. omg_its_kerri's Avatar
    Yeah, that's what I was wondering too!
    12-11-07 04:14 PM
  5. mattmarenic's Avatar
    Kruger I recommedn that you dont share your BB address. One when you get spam you cant get rid of it...
    12-11-07 04:17 PM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    There is a delete button on the BIS site for me. I don't want to try and delete it because I don't want to lose my email. If you couldn't delete it I don't think the option would exist.

    I can't guarentee that you will be able to add a new one but you can have any email go to it gmail,yahoo,etc so even if you do lose it if it bothers you its worth a try
    12-17-08 10:25 PM
  7. FightClub's Avatar
    On the Rogers BIS site your able to delete your BB email and create a new one
    12-17-08 10:37 PM
  8. keyser.soze's Avatar
    I had to delete my BB email address because of a login problem, but i order to reactivate the email, I had to call my carrier's customer service line and have them delete and readd my ID.

    Perhaps you could call ATT and ask them to help you with the delete and readd of the identity.
    12-17-08 10:54 PM