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    As I understand it, Blackberry has upgraded its BIS service to the new 2.6 version. This new version is supposed to connect to Gmail via their IMAP service, correct?

    I have three Gmail accounts set-up on my BB last July using POP, but I also set-up another Gmail account via IMAP several weeks ago using gmail's IMAP instructions (which by the way are no longer listed on gmail's help page). The new Gmail account set-up using IMAP is working fine (has the read/unread option -- but it does have a bit of a delay sometimes).

    My question is -- what about the other gmail accounts? They still do not have the read/unread option. Do I have to delete the account and then set it up again? IF SO, how do I keep all the messages on the BB? I need those messages to be on the BB.

    Thanks for your help and clarification on this confusing issue.
    03-24-09 11:34 AM