1. punchbuggy's Avatar
    Hi All

    I just got a new Bold running on Rogers. I have a problem which I can't figure out. I want to change the default Home page address under the Internet Browser (not rogers mall, or do more WAP ones) When I try to, I can't 1) delete the current default address which is h ttp://mobile.blackberry.com 2) find the "use current url" button or 3) edit the actual homepage bookmark.

    This only happens if browser config is set to internet browser, i can change the homepage for the other browsers. Anyone know how to go around this?

    12-22-08 07:35 PM
  2. PaulMdx's Avatar
    I have the same issue with my Curve with OS One temporary work-around is to visit an internet site, and you should then find those settings can change. Unfortunately next time you load the browser it will still go to mobile.bb.com, but once you visit any site you can then visit your homepage with the 'h' key as normal. I just leave the browser running all the time, but it's pretty annoying.
    01-01-09 05:39 AM