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    Hi (mods please feel free to move/delete this tread if it's in the wrong place),

    I just have a question because I have never encountered this before, and I'm trying to fix it but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

    My mother set up her Playbook with the wrong Blackberry ID and we can't figure out a way to change the email address at all. She set it up using a .biz account (I'm trying to get her to get rid of it, but she's not budging), and she entered the wrong email address when she set up her Playbook, but she does have the right email address set up on her phone (Bold 9900). Is there any way to change the email address on her Playbook to the right one? It's prompting her to log into her BBID on the Playbook, but it only recognizes the wrong email address (and is therefore driving her crazy, and me...)


    Sorry mods, can you delete, I figured it out
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    Log into BlackBerry ID website from your computer and change the email address associated with the BlackBerry ID.


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