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    I had a Tour on my Verizon account for two years. I had an email account at Charter that was forwarding to the tour through "me"@vzw.blackberry.net.

    I just got a Samsung Charge on my account. The store activated the Charge and deactivated the Tour. I gave my son the Tour to use for now and he has activated it on his Verizon phone #.

    My Charge works great and the Tour is working on his line. The problem is this:

    Every time someone sends me an email to the Charter address that was previously forwarding through the vzw.blackberry.net account, they get a bounce message stating that vzw.blackberry... address is rejected. How do I stop those? I checked with Verizon Tech support and they say my old blackberry account is deleted, (they did it). So what is still intercepting and sending the Charter emails to the deleted blackberry account? Below is the exact bounce message with the email name *ed out. Thanks!

    This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:
    Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.
    The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why each recipient was rejected.

    Recipient: <*******@vzw.blackberry.net>
    Reason: #5.1.0 Address rejected *******@vzw.blackberry.net
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    I found that I was just being too impatient. I would not have expected it to but it took a few hours for everything to take effect. The bounce messages have stopped, hopefully for good.
    06-05-11 10:15 PM
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    Thanks for following up with the outcome.

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