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    First, I did search. And looked at the suggested threads. I am pretty certain I've seem some similar questions but cannot find them when I NEED them.

    For some reason my Tour and Outlook are not syncing the DEFAULT calendar (the one that shows on a Today theme.). It is syncing one of those "other" calendars.

    How do I get Outlook or BB or Desktop Manager to use the calendar of my choice?

    Frankly, as a non-corporate user, all I need is ONE darn calendar and not one for each email address I have on my BB.

    Thanks in advance (oh, and I placed this in this forum since the "dm" forum does not get as much exposure so I hope I am forgiven)

    Edited to add:

    Found the answer on another forum (and it may have been here but my searching did not find it:

    You will have a calendar for each email address. Outlook will only sync with one of them, the one you identify as default.

    Open options > advanced options > default services. Make sure the default calendar address is the same as the default messaging address. That is the calendar Outlook will sync with.
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