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    I have recently acquired a curve 8320, I have just got a data plan sorted, its is unlocked originally from t-mobile but now using Fido in Canada.

    I have no blackberry browser (just the hotspot for wifi - which still doesnt work but thats another issue) so it wont connect to the data.

    I have been doing some reading and it seems i need to resend the service books....i tried to do this through the bb website but it says its registered to another carrier (t-mobile) is there anyway around this to get the service books sent to the phone to get things moving?

    Having just checked the service books there are only a couple of wifi ones - should i delete them seeing as wifis not working either?

    Please help!
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    Either have the previous owner log into the T-Mo BIS site and release the PIN, or call TMo or RIM to try to get them to release the PIN on your device.

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    03-24-09 03:51 AM