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    This past weekend while staying in New Orleans I was walking to my car around 9pm in an unattended pay parking lot. When I reached my car laying on the ground in front of my car was what I recognized as a wireless headset. I was surprised it hadn't been ran over. I was there for about ten minutes and never saw another person. With no attendant to turn it in to I took it with me back to my room.

    I have never use a bluetooth headset before but having used the bt on my phone to move files I tried pairing it. It paired just fine and turns out it's a Motorola H680. When I got home I decided to try out. I noticed that unless I kept my phone in my front shirt pocket I would get static which the person on the other end said they never heard. So, it seems it's just an annoyance on my side. I do like the idea of a headset but to continue to use this headset I would need to buy a charger and wall plug for around $35.

    So, I got to thinking maybe it would be best to just use that money towards something with better features. I have read a lot about how some headsets that work great don't seem to work on my phone (8130). Price is an issue but willing to pay a little more to get a product that works right with my phone. Some thoughts on ones I've been considering.

    Jawbone - pricy and has comfort issues along with difficulty finding the buttons. The H680 was real easy to use and liked the switch on the back for on and off.
    Blue Ant - the Z9i looked good but read a lot about static problems on 8130. The Z9 didn't seem to have the issues like Z9i but not sure if it's still a decent headset.
    Jabra BT8040 - Read this was a good one and like that for a moderate price everything comes in one box.

    I'd like to hear of other brands that might be valid options. Remember my biggest issue at this stage is static with the 8130.

    10-14-08 02:42 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    I use the Jawbone 2 and the Plantronics 925, both awesome but pricey. The 8040 is a good one, I used that in the past and liked it.
    10-14-08 02:46 PM
  3. Zannor's Avatar
    One thing I forgot to add. Are there any headsets that play my ringtones from the profile? Sorry if this was a dumb question but as I said I'm new to headsets.

    10-14-08 04:10 PM
  4. Zannor's Avatar
    I think I've settled on the Jabra BT530. Any input on this device?

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    10-15-08 12:04 PM
  5. Sprockethead's Avatar
    I'm testing it out right now. It is GREAT in terms of incoming sound. I really mean that: i tis loud and people actually sound like themselves. It's good for outgoing as well. And it looks nice. My problem is that the thing is like a torture device. I can only wear it for 10 minutes before I have to take it off and nurse my ear. But fit seems to be a highly individual thing, so ymmv.

    Unfortunately for me the only bluetooth that I can wear comfortably that actually stays in my ear is the Jawbone II, which has terrible incoming sound. People all sound the same, like they are speaking to me from across some vast cyber-rift in space and all I can make out are the thin, tinny words that have survived the transmission. Of course, outgoing quality is great on jawbone.

    The bottom line is that they all suck it hard for some reason. Just give Best Buy your money, pick one, and try to live with it.
    10-24-08 08:08 AM