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    Crackberry have warned many times about using unofficial stores and nearly every article states a warning with a "but if you want to try it, here's how".

    Z10 until Z30
    OK... I'll take this at face value. I'm going to assume that you're being honest about your claim that CB do in fact warn their members about the dangers of third party APK stores. But I'm going to have to ask you for some proof about that. I'd like you to find the "many" blog posts (not forum posts--but blog posts that appear on the CrackBerry home page) where CrackBerry warns its users about using third party APK stores. Even ONE blog post is fine.

    Why do I ask you this? It's because what I have seen is exactly the opposite of "warning". What I have seen, is the explicit ENCOURAGEMENT from CB bloggers to use 3rd party APK stores and a complete lack of any warnings of any kind.

    In fact, I looked for anything that resembled the phrase "but if you want to try it, here's how" in each of the articles below, but... nothing came up. Not even close... At all.

    Let me give you some concrete examples (since it wouldn't be fair to expect you to give me examples if I didn't provide the same).

    The best places to find Android apps for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

    Let's look at some quotes from this article :
    You can also hit up one of the many threads in the CrackBerry forums (like this one) where there are plenty of APKs already available for the taking. Load them up on your BlackBerry and install.
    No mention that downloading APKs posted by random CB users off the internet may not be the safest thing to do.

    Go get some!
    So long story short — there are a bunch of ways to download Android apps to your BlackBerry running OS 10.2.1. You can load them yourself, track them down in the forums or use a third-party store client. No excuses — get out there and make the most of your new OS!
    This is explicit encouragment to download and use forum and 3rd party app store APKs. No warning about anything.

    Next example:

    Installing Android apps on BlackBerry 10 just got easier - All aboard the APK Train

    As you can see from the above video - you just hit up apktrain.com from your BlackBerry 10 browser and press the green download tab for the apps and games you want. It simply doesn't get easier than that and getting an Android app installed onto your BlackBerry can take as little as 30 seconds or so.

    What more could you ask for? Another step in the right direction for BlackBerry 10. Enjoy.
    Explicit encouragement to use apktrain. Not a single warning about APK security (or anything at all).

    Next example:

    How to download and install Android apps using the 1mobile Market on BlackBerry 10

    While there are numerous ways to get this done including using the native File Manager or your Browser, perhaps one of the easiest ways is with the 1mobile Market.
    Using the 1mobile Market to download and install Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 device is a very simple process, but in case you need some guidance, we've laid it all out here from start to finish.
    There is not a single mention of APK security or warning of any kind whatsoever anywhere in this article (as is the case in every single one of the articles I've mentioned).

    I encourage you to read the full articles I've linked. You will see that nowhere in any of the full articles is any mention of security made. What they do say is that you have no excuses NOT TO to hit up a forum or 3rd party APK stores "RIGHT NOW!!" and "start downloading!!" .

    I look forward to seeing examples of all the "many" warnings that you claim CB staff post about the dangers of 3rd party APK stores.

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    Seeing as the application referred to in the op exploits permissions (which seems to be the main gripe with APKs anyway) ..and that a certain amount of people download from some of the 'less reputable' App Stores'.
    I wonder if anyone has ever installed the "App Shield" application as an experiment in order to see if Android permissions could be modified whilst installed on a BB10 device.
    It was pulled from Google Play due to violation of G's TOS - as it re-compiles the app with selected permissions removed.
    I don't do APKs myself, yet I certainly do wonder how it would work

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    03-21-14 05:59 AM
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