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    Sal Corrente a Tmo user who tweeted he's leaving Tmo for AT&T because Tmo "broke my heart by breaking up with Blackberry"

    Both carriers then go on this tug of war bit for his business.
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    04-03-14 06:12 PM
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    That 3rd person ruined it lol

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    04-03-14 06:16 PM
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    The funny thing is after AT&T chimed in, they were blasted by people saying their services sucks and they are just as worse and need to release 10.2.1.

    AT&T posted this that BlackBerry retweeted.
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    04-03-14 06:24 PM
  4. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Lol ! Atnt is trying to show some love but their own customers are killing them.
    04-03-14 07:08 PM
  5. BB10user07's Avatar

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    04-03-14 07:54 PM
  6. BBUniq01's Avatar
    Yup, AT&T is tweeting me to change too and I replied "no 10.2.1 and no Z30 so what kind of upgrade will I be getting to justify the extra monthly payments?". I am fed up with T-Mobile and AT&T does have better coverage where we live. Having said that, I don't want to switch to a carrier just because of a knee jerk reaction. I have until the end of the year to decide. I have no problems buying a phone from EBay etc and using it on Tmobile. Did that with daughter's Z10 and my previous Bold 9900.

    Loving my Zed 10!!
    04-04-14 10:14 AM
  7. Rello's Avatar
    Haha yup...Tmobile is the bad guy but I bet AT&T don't respond to not even having 10.2.1 lol

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    04-04-14 10:20 AM

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