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    I can't seem to find one thread that consolidates all the pricing/release details for Z10 and Q10 (BB10). So here is one. Please add for your carrier. I'll start with Fido, since that's what I'm on right now:

    For Z10:::
    Canada release: Feb. 5
    UK release: Jan. 31
    UAE release: Feb. 10
    US release: March

    For Q10:::: Release in April.

    Country: Canada
    Carrier: Fido
    Price: $600 With a Monthly plan only (no Fido Agreement); $600 With Prepaid service
    Contract: 2-year for $350.

    Add: From http://forums.crackberry.com/news-ru...tright-765503/
    Country: Canada
    Carrier: Koodo
    Price: $550 no contract
    Contract: $400 on tab

    Country: Canada
    Carrier: Rogers
    Price: $599.99 no contract
    Contract: $139.99 on 3-year (Limited time offer)

    Country: Canada
    Carrier: Telus
    Price: Not sure but they indicate starting device balance of $501 (not familiar with that)
    Contract: $149.99 on 3-year
    Shipping: Black devices begin shipping February 4. White devices begin shipping February 12.
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