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    I picked this up pretty cheap, from the little posted on the box im under the impression I can play my BT into this device, then it will use RF to talk to my car stereo

    I have a player that streams into my BT earpiece, has a setting. But it wont stream into this device. Instructions are very limited. I now notice it has no name brand either, and doing a search online brings it up. Here it is bluetooth car kit with fm mp3 audio player products, buy bluetooth car kit with fm mp3 audio player products from alibaba.com

    I can use the supplied patch cord to hardwire into my phone, which is okay but I was under the impression it could be all wireless

    Was I wrong to assume, anyone have this

    BTW it will access my phone and dial out through my car stereo, so it will work as hands free device, but I only wanted it for my audio streamer app I use to blast out into my stereo, not to talk and drive

    My phone connects easily when pairing, surprisingly it never asked for the 4 digit code

    specs I found on another site

    Features and Functions:

    * Car bluetooth fm transmiiter , compatible with all Bluetooth phones.

    * CVC technology to eliminate noise and restrain echo, enjoy clear speaking.

    * Support line-in, USB & MMC, can play music in the phone through Bluetooth.

    * Caller ID show, support call answering & call rejecting, call transferring and last caller number re-dialing.

    * Voice dialing supported. (If your phone has the function.)

    * Bluetooth automatically connection.

    * Built-in Microphone.

    * Large 1.5inch LCD display, support full frequency transmitting (87.5-108.0MHz)

    * Spring handle support all direction circumgyrated.

    * EQ mode: Normal; Rock; Pop; Classical; Jazz; Country

    * Circulation mode: All; Single; Folder; Normal; Random

    Technical Specifications:

    Excellent sound quality with full duplex communication

    DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology for echo cancellation and background noise reduction
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    It wont be branded as it is an OEM, but that's neither here nor there. When your streaming, do you see the FM frequency on the main display and do you match that to your car stereo frequency? As you indicated that you can actually dial out on the car stereo, or hear it ring out, I will assume that the pairing was successful. Like you I would be weary that the 4 digit code was not requested, but then again any FM transmission will be easily picked up by others if they know it is there to be scanned. I would be interested in actually reading the users manual for this, looks nice for sure. Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes can decipher this. You know 2 heads are better than 1 and posting here will get you at least 200 helpers. Incidentally I have been using a BlackBerry VM-605 for 6 months and only figured out how to stream music in the past 2 weeks.
    05-27-11 04:45 PM
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    On the device when paired its screen always says no device then line in
    when I dial out then it says calling then the car speakers come on
    it also has memory card slot, and usb jack so maybe when something else is plugged in the screen changes, or when I use that included audio cable then the screen changes

    Here is the instructions, funny I can find this online for $60 I got new at store for $25
    Ive found more people selling it, all descriptions mention the hands free talk, none mention wireless BT music streaming. I guess the salesman didnt know either, he told me it would connect

    Ive found I can only stream one app I use, I dont think I can using the built in music player. Its cool having it go to my earpiece walking around in a store, I may look like a tool though
    05-27-11 04:55 PM
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    Well the BT is the same as mine so it should be suffice. Are you trying to stream mp3s or other music files from the device or stream like Pandora. That might be what I am not understanding. When you mentioned "I dont think I can using the built in music player."m that's what I stream. Music from my SD card through BT.
    05-27-11 05:17 PM
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    I think I use a player called tune in radio. It has in the menu a setting to stream into a headset/earpiece
    From the little ive looked at the built in music player from card I see no options for earpiece, only the plug in jack. Also I tried it on that new device and that was a no go to. Maybe it streams but I dont listen to music through the built in player, I stream shows and music all the time through the tune in radio app.

    Im giving up on it, I have no need for the car handsfree feature. I wanted wireless transmission. I have a cheap $8 rf wired device I also bought, so I will use that. The hard wire is like 4x longer too so thats more useful if im stuck using wires.
    05-27-11 05:35 PM
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    Ok, that's a whole different kettle of fish then. Does the regular media player stream in this fashion, does it work in other words? If it does, then i would recommend that you contact the application developer and ask them if they stream to the BT radio or to the internal jack only.
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    okay I have a bt ear piece/headset right here. Now I turn on the built in music player and in the menu the only options are speaker, or phone earpiece. No bluetooth. Unless thats accessed another way. Im using curve 8530 if that helps.

    When I go to the app tune in radio in the menu it says activate BT headset, phone earpiece and or speaker mode. So that streams to my BT earpiece/headset perfectly.

    so maybe its something with my phone version of BT
    I know I can not connect any of the 3 BT keyboard ive tried to the phone, even when entering the 4 digit code. So maybe its a problem on my end.
    05-27-11 05:50 PM
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    Hmmm. Even if the code was not requested intially, it allowed you to hear the call from the car radio so I beleive that is working as it should. On the left top side there is a button. Looks like phone call and media, does the display change any when this button is pressed?
    05-27-11 06:15 PM
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    pushing does nothing, but if I hold it then it dials my last number on the phone
    mine is slightly different, I have more buttons
    so far the left buttons do the rf channel adjust, right buttons only if held down adjust volume

    here is what I have

    im thinking its more of a hands free for the phone device, will play any input through the line in, or usb or memory card slot
    05-27-11 06:53 PM