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    Hello all,

    I'm a newbie, just got my BB less than a week ago and couldn't be happier with it. One of the sole reasons for getting my BB was to retrieve corporate emails while traveling, etc... My IT department has told me that they are not allowing any personal BB's to access their Enterprise Server for security reasons, which I can understand, but I figured I could access them using Outlook Web Access (OWA). When I go to our company's secure OWA site, I can view my Inbox, but it is static (appears to be a screenshot), and I cannot select any emails to open, etc... Nothing is dynamic. Is there a setting I have to change for the Encoding of the page, or am I not able to access the OWA site with my BB to view emails? Any help would be greatly appreciated considering this is 80% of the reason I got my BB.


    09-19-08 11:22 AM
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    You have to set up your OWA in BIS as you would set up your hotmail account.

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    09-19-08 11:27 AM
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    Sarcasm Detector,

    I tried doing that, went thru all of the steps, entered the site name, user name with Domain, password, mailbox name, etc...and I get a message that it is unable to configure the account (or something like that.)
    09-19-08 11:39 AM
  4. ac3smith's Avatar
    Just a shot in the dark from personal experience, are you sure the mailbox name is correct? This can throw people off. It is normally whatever your username is (without the domain).

    It can be very picky about everything being exactly correct.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there, sorry if you've already covered these issues.
    09-19-08 11:48 AM
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    Thanks for the advice, but I have tried every combination for my mailbox name, and every other criteria for that matter. I just don't know if I'm doing something stupid, or if it just won't work...period.
    09-19-08 11:58 AM
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    I have a similar problem. I think it may have to do with a Security Certificate in my case though. I had my 8300 connected via BIS to my companies Exchange server and it was working well until yesterday at about noon. Since then, I have been getting continuous errors. I've tried deleting the email account through the BIS email setup then re-adding it. However, now it comes back saying that the connection could not be established to my companies OWA server and that the setup failed.

    I can access my companies email system if I use the built-in brower, but like you, I can't select any of the emails. It just displays the screen and none of the emails can be selected.

    If I use my Opera browser and go to the OWA site, it works fine. I can access my emails, contacts, etc. However, it does not deliver my emails into my in-box on the blackberry. Plus, it's MUCH faster than the built-in browser.

    My company recently (last week) upgraded to a new version of Exchange. Since then, we have been getting messages about the security certificate being incorrect. That is why I said I think my problem may have to do with a certificate issue. I've got nothing else to go on, so it might be that, or it might be something different.

    My company has offered to add my phone to the BES server, but I'm not sure I want to do that as I would rather keep it "mine".
    09-19-08 02:01 PM
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    Well, I just had our company IT guy look at my BB and walk me through the steps they use for their AT&T accounts. Evidently, the "Mailbox Name" that they use is your full email address, not your username (jdoe). Tried that, and it worked! Now I'm just awaiting my first corporate email to arrive.

    Thanks for all of your help.
    09-19-08 02:10 PM
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    I love CB and the users. I'm a first time BB user and every question or that i've had I can always count on find the answer or solution here.

    I wasn't about to access my outlook email through BES, IT only allows access on company bb's. I just tried going to the OL owa site through opera mini and it worked!!! Your guys are awesome!!
    10-16-08 01:31 PM