1. Melanizm's Avatar
    After I upgraded my Tour to v5.0.0.230, when I click on the GPS icon it states: GPS services on device is set to OFF, please go to Options > Advanced Options > GPS to set the GPS services to ON. I have done this but I get this message every time I click on the icon. Sometimes for a very brief moment, I can see a screen with lots of text with Accept and Cancel buttons at the bottom, but only for a brief millisecond. Are there any known issues with the GPS after the upgrade? Please help. Thank u!
    10-03-09 03:43 PM
  2. bakarus's Avatar
    I believe everyone is having that issue. I haven't tried the telenav method yet but if you do a quick search they tell you how to use telenav on 5.0

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    10-03-09 03:51 PM