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    Hey everyone,

    I have an 8703e and I just got a new laptop with Vista Business. I downloaded the latest desktop software, I think it was 4.6 and I can connect with USB or Bluetooth. In synchronization, I clicked I wanted it to synch with windows mail and contacts. However, when I click synchronize, the bb says connected to desktop, and the sync progress bar appears, but it only stays up for 1-2 seconds then stops. It doesn't give an error or anything it just acts like it's complete even though it's done nothoing. I got some warning from vista saying software may not work properly and when I clicked it it says blackberry desktop, recommended you upgrade by rim, but when you click the link it goes to the standard desktop download page and 4.6 seems to be the newest version. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
    11-04-08 08:06 AM