1. Lambinski's Avatar
    I had a Curve 8900, loved it the it got internal moisture damage and as a replacement I was sent the Curve 8320 (nothing compared to my 8900). I have been having issues like the usual not sending/receiving texts, cutting out phone calls, sometimes not having sound and things like that. I was told that I had to backup my phone, reinstall the current software then restore my info. I went to reinstall my software and this message comes up :
    "Validation failed because a module marked for add (net_rim_bb_qm_google_resource_en) is not available on local disk"
    Not sure if this is because I have a Mac or if something is completely messed up but has anyone else had this issue? My phone is making me pretty angry haha and of course Rogers is really of no help!
    06-10-11 01:36 AM
  2. ichat's Avatar
    i think this problem evolves on a mac and also if you are installing 8900 software it wont work.......
    reply if any more questions
    06-10-11 04:19 AM
  3. Lambinski's Avatar
    I'm not reloading the 8900 software, it's the software for this phone. I also tried wiping the device and trying that and then I get a new message saying "Aborting install due to validation failure. Some packages contained unsatisfied dependencies".
    Not exactly sure what's going on, maybe I just was sent a dud phone. Never had this issue with my Mac & any of my berries before.
    06-10-11 01:48 PM