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    I just got my blackberry sprint blackberry 8330 and setup my account in the store. I set up 3 different email addresses on my device. they all worked at first but now i cannot recieve my email on my phone.
    one of the emails is a microsoft exchange server, the other 2 are pop3. I talked to the Sprint blackberry support 4 times and even with the assitance of a Sprint rep but still my emails wont come to my device. Actually I periodically get some emails but they are delayed a few hours. But i do not get them all.

    what i've tryed to do,
    reprovisioning of the phone,
    removed data and restored data
    removed email and restored email
    reprogramed the phone

    I use microsoft outlook and I have a feeling that there is something going on with that and I need to change a setting to make it work.

    does anyone have any idea?
    12-23-08 01:46 PM