1. civicbapilot's Avatar
    I have had my curve 8330 since Aug 08 and had no problems tilll November. On November 22nd I just quit receiving text messages till I placed a call. They would send but I would never receive till I made a call. On Dec 24th it just started working again for no reason. Verizon had no clue how it fixed itself. Then on Feb 11 my blackberry just quit receiving text again until I made a call. I have two roommates with verizon one even has a blackberry just like mine and she gets her texts and so does my other roommate. Verizon has replaced my blackberry 5 times. I have tried the reset where you pull the battery off while its on and leave it off for like 30 seconds and nothing happens. Does anyone know how I can start getting text again??? Please help me :-)
    02-16-09 11:52 AM
  2. KristopherF's Avatar
    Have you tried resending you service book? This might work.

    Or you could call Tech Support and try to get them to escalade the ticket
    02-16-09 12:48 PM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    Some things to try:
    1. Dial #4357. Note the PRL. It should be 51242. If it's a lower number, reprogram your phone. Dial *22899. After the reprogramming finishes, dial #4357* and note the PRL. Now it should be 51242.
    2. Refresh your Host Routing Table: Options / Advanced Options / Host Routing Table / Menu / Register Now.
    3. Resend your service books according to the steps in this post: http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/serv...ks-how-115031/

    If none of these steps help, you have a carrier/RIM issue. Since you can't call RIM, call Verizon Customer Service. Persist. Politely ask to be elevated. Tell them what you've done, and that another phone isn't likely to help.
    02-16-09 12:52 PM
  4. civicbapilot's Avatar
    Thanks everyone I still have the problem and Verizon is blaming it on my area. Even though I have two roommates with Verizon and one actually has my same blackberry on verizon.
    02-16-09 04:42 PM