1. stedward's Avatar
    I had already set up my Comcast account with my BB. Everything was pretty much fine (except I had to usually delete everything twice - once on my device and again on my desktop).

    I conneced my Comcast account to MS Outlook 2003 because 1) my device wouldn't sync with Comcast, and 2) I hated Comcast's address & calendar features.

    Right after I connected my Comcast e-mail account with Outlook, I was STILL able to receive the e-mails on my BB. That was about two weeks ago.

    NOW, I can still SEND E-MAIL OK from my BB, but I can NO LONGER RECEIVE any e-mails sent to my Comcast address. WTF???

    I've read and read and read everything I could on the web, but nothing seems to address the specific nature of my problem. Can anyone help?
    07-24-10 01:23 PM