1. petercrowther's Avatar
    Guys . please leave the camera alone , you will break it ..i had that same problem.." cannot open camera , try closing applications " do the following and trust me it works as well as being a good opperating tip. enjoy and thaks to the guy who posted this in the first place..

    __________________________________________________ __________

    Most people close the applications by pressing the escape or red key. This does not close the applications.

    Each application has a CLOSE option. For instance if you are in the calendar hit the menu key (spotted key) and scroll down to the bottom CLOSE is listed. Go through each application and press close. Go into the browser press menu and options select cache operations clear all categories and hit escape it will say cleaning memory.

    Go to options - security - memory cleaning - enable it. The BB will now clean memory when idle for 5 minutes.

    you will have an icon on you screen for memory cleaning make sure you press it. Make sure you use the CLOSE button each time you are done with an application.

    If you follow these steps and keep up with your memory your phone will operate smoothly.
    01-28-11 04:15 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    both memory cleaning and how to properly close all apps is a widely discussed and familiar operation even to the newest of users here.

    a simple battery pull should alleviate the problem of the camera not opening properly.
    01-28-11 04:52 AM