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    (yah title is not a funny joke, but anyway)

    I decided to load up the free Elecite Scenic on my Crack 8900 yesterday... so made a "purchase" via MobiHand and got a download link in my e-mail. Using the link on my 8900 to bring up the OTA download screen all that happens is nothing. Just a tiny percent of the bar gets filled up, but there it stalls. Nothing happens and an error (connection timeout) comes up after some minutes...

    I thought it was just the OTA link and decided to put the CrackStore on my Crack 8900 (had to remove it a couple days ago). So hit up CrackBerry Mobile, install CrackStore client, NO GO. Same problem. Both Elecite Scenic and CrackStore link to MobiReach.

    Done a battery pull and numerous other tricks, no dice. Tried any other OTA download and it works fine. So it's MobiReach I can't reach!

    Tried something else; downloaded the Elecite Scenic JAD on my PC and all damn CODs (more than 20). Put them on my microSD and boom via the Media app I explore my Media Card, install the theme and it WORKS.

    So MobiReach has something against my Crack 8900. Do you?
    10-17-09 07:19 PM