1. HarrySCrack's Avatar
    hello all, i have an 8820 and i have my edge service turned off and was successfully accessing the internet via wifi, but just recently i can't get connected to my router!! i don't know what is going on??

    can anyone lend me come useful insight as to how to get my 8820 to get connected to my linksys router? thanks for any input.
    11-02-08 12:24 AM
  2. sgl9x's Avatar
    Try unplugging your router for a minute and plug back in...

    This resets the router.
    11-07-08 05:34 PM
  3. arose4me7305's Avatar

    Make sure your WiFi is turned on on your curve.

    Manage Connections > Make sure WiFi is checked

    and try...

    Set Up Wi-Fi > Scan for networks
    and make sure your router is on and working and your BB is picking it up.
    11-07-08 05:40 PM