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    Browsin thru my photos, I hit the bb menu n accidently hit the hide option. Now I can't find the pic anywhere. Somebody help me PLEASE.............

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    03-05-11 07:54 AM
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    Unfortunately, what you have to do (if you're using a desktop) is go to your control panel ->Folder Options -> View and select "Show hidden folders, files, and drives" hit apply.

    Enable Mass Storage mode on your BB and plug it into the computer. Explore the blackberry, go to the pictures folder, and try to find the file you hid (It should look grayed out). Right click the file, go Properties and under attributes unclick "Hidden". Should work.

    If you're using a Mac, find how to make hidden files visible, then complete the second paragraph.
    03-05-11 03:11 PM
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    On your device, go to: Media>(Click Blackberry Menu Key)>Explore>Media Card>Blackberry>Pictures>(Click Blackberry Menu Key)>Show Hidden. This is for pictures stored on your SD Card.

    For pictures stored on your device, go to: Media>(Click Blackberry Menu Key)>Explore>Device>home>user>pictures>(Click Blackberry Menu Key)>Show Hidden.

    If the image that you have hidden was taken by your camera, replace (pictures) with (camera) in each of those above.

    Scroll down to the picture/image you have hidden and (Click Blackberry Menu)> Properties> (Uncheck "Hidden" Box).

    That is for a Torch. It SHOULD work with any OS 6 device.

    EDIT: This will also work for 4.x/5.0 OS's. The only differing thing is labeling "Device Memory" instead of "Device" when exploring the Media folder...
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