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    I have searched the board, and everything says to find it in Options=>Advanced=>TCP to see what is there. This is in regards to the Opera data access workaround with the Bell and Rogers Unlimited Email and BBM plans. Now, Bell removes the Browser service books after you go to the Unlimited Email plan, and they did this already. From what I have been reading, the APN has to be blank for the work around to work.

    When I go to Options=>Advanced=> there is no TCP listed. All I have is Applications, Browser (which is completely empty), Browser Push, Default Services, Enterprise Activation, GPS, Host Routing Table and Service Book.

    So, does the fact that it's not listed mean it's blank?

    When I try opening the BB Browser (I can still access it only from the hotkey for open applications) I cannot connect to anything, it says that there are no Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. I can browse sites perfectly from Opera Mini.

    So, is my APN blank since I have nothing listed for TCP to even CHECK it?

    Am I good to go?
    05-13-08 08:47 PM
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    You are a copy of me =)

    A friend said that there is no way, and if you find the way you will have to pay charges over wap services (in Ecuador wap is not part of data plan)

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    05-13-08 11:44 PM
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    did you find the solution?

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    05-14-08 09:44 PM
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    Try this and see if it helps
    Options -----> Advanced Options -----> Host Routing Table
    press menu and click "Register Now"
    09-20-10 11:51 AM