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    I am trying to delete more than one email from my gmail on my blackberry, or pretty much purge the 4490 that have accumulated. I have seen all the posts about going to using the "reconciliation" button, but that doesnt come up under my 'options". I've tried to use Caps and highlight more than one email (doesnt work, just stays highlighted on the first one) and I also dont have the option to select emails up to a certain date and delete those! These are the solutions that I have found on the internet, but none seem to apply to the set up on my phone... any help would be greatly appreciated
    10-27-10 11:17 AM
  2. njaremka's Avatar
    hilight a date banner, press the menu key, and select the option "Delete Prior". that will delete all emails / messages prior to that date.
    10-27-10 11:32 AM
  3. stefrosie's Avatar
    i dont see how i have the ability to highlight a date... my screen just shows my inbox, with the dates on the far right of each email but the only thing i can do it highlight the entire email, and no option like "delete priors" comes up with the menu screen
    10-27-10 12:59 PM
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    Are you using the Gmail app or just a regular BIS email account? Can you go online from a desktop PC to your Gmail account and delete the offenders?
    10-27-10 01:17 PM
  5. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Deleting from the handset will NOT delete from the gmail account. At least not multiple emails. I just logged into my gmail account and delete what I don't want anymore.
    10-27-10 01:22 PM
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    My gmail account on my bberry and my gmail account on my computer operate as different entities... doesnt matter if i delete something on one, wont be deleted on the other... and same goes if i send something, it wont show up on the other. it seems like i need to get them synced up- i seem to see that that is possible, but i dont have that reconciliation option on my account on my phone!
    10-27-10 01:31 PM
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    Go into:
    -Email Settings
    -Select the email account you want to change
    -Press BB button
    -Scroll down to Synchronization Options
    -Make sure "Deleted Items" is checked

    This will allow a deleted email from your BB to be deleted in your gmail inbox as well.
    10-27-10 02:46 PM
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    From your Main Messages folder press, Menu/Options/Email Reconciliation. You can choose different email accounts and select delete on mailbox and handheld. Make sure the wireless reconciliation option is turned on.

    If you scroll to the current date on the header, then press Menu/Delete Prior they all should vanish.

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    10-27-10 03:50 PM